Pip Wright teaches with Sarah and runs her own classes. She has had 20 yrs competing in Agility with her Labradors Jake and now Rosco who has moved up to Grade 4 at Kennel Club this year.  She has also competed with her Lurcher Misty, now retired. With a young family Pip finds she hasn't the time to compete as often as she would like!

JJ Dogs is owned and run by Sarah Trigwell. 

Sarah has had dogs all her life and was competing in Obedience to A Test at the age of 12 with Schnauzers and also showing them at Crufts.

Having had German Shepherds, Cairn Terriers, Labradors and Springer Spaniels her training has included working in the gundog field, Working Trials and Tracking .

Now Sarah concentrates on competing in Agility with her Border Collie ,Kita and bringing on her Malinois ,Tye and Reva

Sarah has been competing for 20yrs in Agility . 

 Kita is grade 6 at kennel club, and senior at Fab and UKA. She has won several finals.

JJ Dogs are Listed by The Kennel Club For their Good Citizens Awards

Fabulous day out at an Agility show, both dogs winning and proving not only can you have a sport dog but they make great family pets!

From the left Kita, Cam, Leo and Rosco.

Rosco, Kita and Tye have all attained their Silver Good Citizens Awards


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