WORLD SCENT DOG ASSOCIATION        (Canine School of Science)
         Instructor and Judge 
               Scentwork Uk
      Sarah teaches active and passive searches.
   Dogs love to sniff and using their natural ablities ,most              dogs enjoy scentwork ,whether for competition

Penny Varnes and 12 yr old Tinsel

Tinsel retired from Agility and Penny introduced her to Scentwork. 

At her first competition at Level 1 she had a qualifying score ! 

At her next she WON !!!!!

Now she has passed to Level 3 and working on 2 scents clove and gun oil.

Proves you can teach an old dog new tricks !!

Penny has now gone onto teaching Ludo  scentwork and he has had a clean sweep at Level 1 !!

Barbara and Fle. Fle is 11yrs old and a retired agility dog.

Paula and Otto a very laid back German Shepherd !


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